Order Verification

Hussindustries.com is committed to protecting against credit card fraud. Therefore in our attempt to minimize fraud Hussindustries.com reviews all the orders that have different billing and shipping address. Our team will notify if your order is held in our system, by requesting additional information such as, copy of the credit card used, as well as the purchaser’s license. Please take a photo or copy of your license and credit card, and send it via email info@7feats.com.

Return Policy

Seller cannot accept return of any products unless its written permission has been first obtained, in which case same will be credited subject to the following: (a) All material returned must, on its arrival at Sellers plant, be found to be in first-class condition; if not, cost of putting in saleable condition will be deducted from credit memoranda; (b) A handling charge deduction of twenty-five percent (25%) will be made from all credit memoranda issued for material returned; (c ) Transportation charges, if not prepaid will be deducted from credit memoranda; (d) No returns will be accepted after one year from invoice date.